Sunday, May 26, 2019

Girls und Panzer - Another Shopping Street Revisit

I also took another stroll down the shopping streets in Ōarai with Girls und Panzer cardboard cutouts.

This shop had a cardboard cutout of Saemonza from the Hippo Team and lots of Girls und Panzer posters as well.

Yuuki Utsugi from the Rabbit Team.

Moyoko Gotou from the Mallard Team.

Miho Nishizumi from the Anglerfish Team of course.

Anchovy from Anzio High School.

Inside this building they also had tons of Anchovy goods and shikishi sign boards on display.

More goods and towels for sale as well.

They also had this big signed poster of Anchovy.

The poster actually shows this window of the building.

Karina Sakaguchi from the Rabbit Team at the next building.

Yukari Akiyama from the Anglerfish Team.

Kinuyo Nishi from Chi-Ha-Tan Academy.

Maho Nishizumi from Kuromorimine Girls Academy.

Erika Itsumi from Kuromorimine Girls Academy.

Kanon Sasagawa which is the head judge in tank battles.

Inside this shop they had Girls und Panzer goods as well as a framed Kanon Sasagawa drawing.

More goods on display.

Kay from Saunders University High School.

I also saw the car of this shop which was also decorated with Kay on it.

Ami Chōno, the sensha-do instructor for Ōarai Girls High School.

Anzu Kadotani from the Turtle Team.

Momoga from the Anteater Team.

Ayumi Yamagou from the Rabbit Team.

And finally back to the liquor store with Katyusha and Nonna from Pravda High School, which was the first shop I visited the first time I was here.

They still had tons of fan art inside.

And also this itachari decorated bicycle.

Location map:

This location was visited on 2019/04/13.

Ōarai tourism official website

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