Sunday, November 26, 2017

KyoAni Do Fan Days 2017 - Sound

Since I went to the previous KyoAni Do Fan Days event in 2015 I decided to check out the 2017 one as well. This time the event was split over 2 weekends. The first weekend event was called Sound! From Kyoto to the World. I also checked out the second weekend of the event later on.

The first weekends venue was ROHM Theatre Kyoto.

Just like when I visited Ujibashi-dori Festa 2017 on the day before, it was raining a lot.

They had screenings of Violet Evergarden and Free!: Take Your Marks on the 21st, but I was checking out Uji and Ujibashi-dori Festa on that day.

I was here on the 22nd for the Sound! Euphonium concert at night.

All the event goods had sold out except for the Free! clear file when I got here.

Sound! Euphonium event clear file

Even if I didn't get any of the goods, I did get this shot of the location of the Sound! Euphonium clear file. It was just further down the road from ROHM Theatre Kyoto.

The concert was held in the main hall.

Outside the hall they had lots of congratulatory flower arrangements.

I got seats on the 3rd floor for the concert.

Inside the hall. You were not allowed to take pictures during the concert itself of course. But there were performances by Senzoku Gakuen College of Music Freshman Wind Ensemble 2016 of which earlier classes performed the as the band in the Sound! Euphonium anime.

Image from Sound! Euphonium S2E6 - 01m08s. The first song they played were the S2 OP Soundscape which they performed together with TRUE.

Image from Sound! Euphonium S2E12 - 06m37s. Between the songs they also had the four main character voice actors doing stage talk with Sapphires voice actor Moe Toyota as the MC. They were all wearing the school uniforms as well.

Image from Sound! Euphonium S2E7 - 20m24s. During some of the song they had a giant screen showing corresponding scenes from the anime including when they performed Takarajima.

Image from Sound! Euphonium S2E13 - 07m37s. As a special guest they had euphonium player Hiroyuki Ennouji, which played Kumikos solo parts in the anime, play a solo of the song Sound! Euphonium.

Image from Sound! Euphonium S1E8 - 21m46s. He and the lead trumpet player also performed the duet heard during the end of a certain sequence from the first season.

Image from Sound! Euphonium S1E2 - 01m14s. For the last song of the day, TRUE came back on stage and they performed the S1 OP Dream Solister.

Picture of all the performers from the official Sound! Euphonium Twitter.

All in all it was great fun hearing the music performed live. After this I also checked out the second weekend of the event.

No location map since it's no longer there.

This location was visited on 2017/10/22. The pictures outside are from 2017/10/28 and 2017/10/29.

KyoAni & Do Fan Days official website

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