Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Gundam Base Tokyo

In addition to the new Unicorn Gundam statue, they've also changed Gundam Front Tokyo into The Gundam Base Tokyo.

As Gundam Front Tokyo before it, The Gundam Base Tokyo is located on the 7th floor of DiverCity Tokyo Plaza.

All the areas are now free to access and there's no rides.

Gunpla on display in the first area.

Including limited items.

And new items.

Gundam Build Fighters statues.

Area where you can sit down behind the Gundam Build Fighters statues.

Near the sitting area they also had a 1/20 scale RX-0 Unicorn Gundam on display.

It had LEDs that changed colors.

Display area.

Behind all the displays they had the Factory Zone.

Here you could have a look at the Gunpla process from sketches and drawings.

To parts design.

The parts themselves.

Assembly and mold progress.

And the finished boxes.

Also on display was the Bandai design manual.

Mold part.

And tools used in the process.

Full mold.

Plastic used in the process.

Lots of plastic pellets.

And a molding machine.

Model of Bandai Hobby Center factory where they make the Gunpla with a size comparison with the old Gundam RX-78-2 statue.

Closer look at the factory model.

Factory uniforms.

The different Gunpla lines.

Gunpla Builder World Cup trophy.

Winners of the Gunpla Builder World Cup on display.

Of course, they also had a huge shopping area where they sold Gunpla.

Lots and lots of Gunpla for sale.

Various bases and parts as well.

Bearguy standee and Haro trash cans.

And more displays everywhere.

They even had an area where you could sit down and build your newly bought Gunpla.

In addition to the Gunpla shop there were also a separate clothes shop.

Which had t-shirts and shoes.

Sweaters and jackets.

Lots of bags.

And ties, cufflinks and other jewelry.

I only got this small model they gave away for free because of the recent opening of The Gundam Base Tokyo though.

No map since this is a famous tourist attraction.

This location was visited on 2017/10/17.

DiverCity Tokyo Plaza official website
The Gundam Base Tokyo official website

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