Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Girls und Panzer - Shrine Revisit

Since the last time I vsited Ōarai isosaki Shrine, Girls und Panzer der Film was released and they showed the shrine in the movie, so I got some more pictures.

Image from Der Film - 21m30s

This is the side of the Ōarai Sea Museum which is also located at the shrine grounds.

Image from Der Film - 21m35s

A shot from inside the main shrine gate.

Image from Der Film - 21m36s

View of the main shrine gate.

Image from Der Film - 21m39s

Reverse view.

Image from Der Film - 21m44s

The Anglerfish team goes down the shrine stairs.

Image from Der Film - 21m48s

Pravda High School tank at the top of the stairs.

Image from Der Film - 21m51s

Katyusha decides to follow them.

Image from Der Film - 22m58s

View up the stairs.

Image from Der Film - 23m02s

And the bottom of the stairs.

While at the shrine I also checked out all the Girls und Panzer ema.

There were lots of ema. Warning: These are extra large pictures to show more details.

Closeups of some of the ema.

I also went back and checked out Ōarai Seaside Hotel again where they had gotten this huge Boko teddy bear.

Lots of items on display.

And some for sale as well, just as last time.

More shikishi signature boards and illustrations.

Miho Nishizumi cardboard cutouts.

I checked out the guestbook again.

Lots of signatures.

I signed it of course.

Location map:

This location was visited on 2017/10/19.

Shrine official website

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