Monday, November 27, 2017

The Eccentric Family - Shrine Revisit

On this trip I also went back to Shimogamo Shrine to get some more pictures since season 2 of the show had been aired since the last time I visited.

Image from S2E12 - 15m23s

Outside the tower gate.

Image from S1E4 - 04m34s

This place is to the right of the tower gate.

Image from S1E8 - 08m20s

There's a side entrance here.

Image from S2E1 - 03m21s

There's also a path that leads into the forest here.

Image from S2E5 - 06m52s

This is also where Yaichiro practices asking Gyokuran out.

Image from S2E5 - 07m25s

With Yasaburo disguised as Gyokuran.

Image from S1E7 - 21m23s

The side entrance as seen from inside the shrine.

Image from S1E3 - 05m40s


Image from S1E8 - 09m09s

The water level was lower when I was here.

Image from S1E10 - 02m34s

No platform in the water in real life.

Image from S2E4 - 12m18s

Shot from the other side of the water.

Image from S2E4 - 21m32s

Yaichiro and Gyokuran playing shogi on the platform in the water.

Image from S2E2 - 03m16s

Since the water level was so low I managed to get this shot from the S2 OP.

Image from S1E9 - 08m19s

Another shot of the small bridge.

Image from S2E12 - 16m33s

View of the tower gate from inside the shrine. There was a couple taking pictures in wedding outfits here.

Image from S2E12 - 16m13s

The groom was wearing a montsuki kimono just like Yaichiro did in the anime.

At the shrine I also saw this Yasaburo cardboard cutout.

No map since this is a famous tourist attraction.

This location was visited on 2017/10/26.

Shimogamo Shrine official website

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