Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Universal Cool Japan

While I were in Japan, Universal Studios Japan ran their Universal Cool Japan collaboration. Here's some pictures I took of the attractions.

Entrance to the area with the attractions. Unfortunately the Resident Evil real escape game was closed on the day I visited.

Seregios Monster Hunter statue.

Monster Hunter food cart.

You could also buy some souvenirs.

A huge Attack on Titan statue.

There were lots of Attack on Titan cosplayers around.

Inside the Attack on Titan walk-through attraction.

They showed a recap of events from the anime on various big screens.

Also had lots of dead Survey Corps dummies laying around in several places.

In the final room they had statues of the main characters.


I've not actually seen the show, so I don't know the names of any of these. Sorry :P

Outside you could get pictures taken of yourself getting eaten by a titan.

Stall selling Titan heads filled with mousse you could eat.

More Attack on Titan food items for sale as well.

Evangelion the Real 4D.

Lines were really long for this one. Saw this guy with a KanColle bag playing KanColle while waiting.

No pictures allowed inside the ride itself. It started in a room with SEELE monoliths and a Gendo Ikari dummy talking to eachother. You then entered the main cinema where you took a ride in a helicopter with Misato. It then showed the fight against Sachiel with Shinji piloting Eva Unit-01. At the end of the battle both Rei and Asuka in Unit-00 and Unit-02 joined in on the fight, so not exactly canon.

Mugs sold in the giftshop.

3d scanning chamber.

You could go in here and get a 3d model made of yourself in various Evangelion clothes.

You could also get a statue of yourself in an entry plug.

Glasses cases. They had lots of Shinji, Kaworu and Mari ones, but were sold out of Rei and Asuka ones.

And finally some Evangelion cookies.

No map since this is a famous tourist attraction.

This location was visited on 2015/05/07.

Universal Studios Japan official website

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