Wednesday, March 11, 2020

The Eccentric Family - Ebisugawa Power Plant

The Ebisugawa family in The Eccentric Family lives around the Ebisugawa Power Plant area, so I went and had a look.

Image from S1E1 - 01m17s

Yasaburo is shown at the area at the start of the first episode.

Image from S1E1 - 01m21s

He jumps up on this structure.

Image from S1E1 - 01m23s

And runs along.

Image from S1E1 - 01m24s

Before taking human form.

Image from S1E1 - 01m30s

Image from S1E13 - 21m15s

The last part of this scene is shown both in the first and the last episode of the first season.

Image from S1E2 - 06m28s

View of the Ebisugawa power plant itself.

Image from S1E2 - 06m30s

Another shot from a different angle.

Image from S1E10 - 21m29s

And from a later episode.

Image from S1E10 - 06m12s

This building seems to be the fake Denki Bran factory in the show.

Image from S1E10 - 06m29s

This storage shed looks different in real life.

Image from S1E10 - 08m04s

Kinkaku and Ginkaku locks Yashiro in the shed.

Image from S1E11 - 21m18s

Later on Yashiro escapes with the help of Kaisei.

Image from S1E11 - 21m52s

Yashiro runs towards this bridge.

Image from S1E12 - 00m01s

You can see the Ebisugawa power plant from the bridge.

Image from S1E12 - 00m14s

Yashiro stops for a bit.

Image from S1E12 - 00m50s

Before continuing on.

Image from S1E10 - 15m07s

Soun is also shown walking across this bridge.

Image from S1E10 - 15m14s

In a flashback.

Image from S2E2 - 03m36s

This shot is from the second season OP.

Image from S2E8 - 00m37s

The Shimogamo family is on the bridge after a certain characters funeral.

Image from S2E8 - 00m41s

The building in the background here seems to be slightly wider compared to what's shown in the anime.

Image from S2E8 - 01m26s

Couldn't get a good matching shot from this angle because of the second canal, but you can see some of the same details.

Image from S2E8 - 12m13s

The factory building is also shown in the second season.

Image from S2E11 - 02m40s

Instead of the traditional looking house the Ebisugawa family lives in, there's a red and white apartment building on the right.

Image from S2E11 - 04m17s

The shed here gets damaged in this season. I've marked a path from the Ebisugawa power plant, past the bridge, ending up here in the map below.

Location map:

This locations was visited on 2019/12/22.

Special thanks to the ones who went here before:

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