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Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha - Inari Bridge

Inari Bridge and the areas around it is also shown in Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha.

Image from OVA - 07m58s

The map here is gone, but the JR signs are still the same.

Image from OVA - 08m00s

Inari walks across the bridge. The bridge was under renovations when I visited.

Image from OVA - 08m07s

Tanbabashi shows up.

Image from OVA - 08m16s

And tells Inari that Shiro is missing. There's a cat café in the building on the left now.

Image from Episode 1 - 12m59s

Another shot of the bridge. If you look closely you can see the JR sign on the left by the train crossing.

Image from Episode 1 - 13m06s

Tanbabashi is jogging down by the river. This is on the side where the cat café is located.

Image from Episode 1 - 13m07s

He gets confronted by Sanjou.

Image from Episode 1 - 13m12s

Since Inari is missing.

Image from OVA - 09m40s

The area down by the river is also shown in the OVA.

Image from OVA - 09m50s

Shiro and Kon is walking here.

Image from OVA - 10m06s

Shiro squeezes the tail to get Kon to help him.

Image from Episode 1 - 12m22s

Another place that's shown is this road. Inari bridge is to the left at the crossing, and the torii gate at the bottom of the school road is to the right.

Image from Episode 1 - 12m30s

The building that was here is now gone.

Image from Episode 1 - 12m40s

This is where Inari discovers that she's changed shape so she looks like Sumizome.

Image from OVA - 16m24s

This park, which is named Inari Park is located just across the street from the cat café.

Image from OVA - 19m24s

You can see the cat café across the street in this shot.

Image from OVA - 17m23s

The park has been changed since the anime was made, so some things no longer matches.

Image from OVA - 11m13s

Further down the street from the cat café and Inari bridge is this area. I've marked a path going from where Inari discovers that she's changed shape, past Inari bridge and Inari park, ending up here in the map below.

Image from Episode 1 - 14m30s

Closeup of the buildings with the blue and red awnings shown in the previous shot. If you look closely on the left you can spot a small bit of Fushimi-Inari Station.

Image from Episode 1 - 13m35s

Inari as Sumizome is standing in front of the building with the blue awning here. It was closed when I visited though.

Image from Episode 1 - 13m43s

Inari as Sumizome gets hit on by these guys.

Location map:

This location was visited on 2019/12/22.

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