Friday, June 1, 2018

Narita Airport Anime Tourism Information

At the north wing of Narita Airport Terminal 2, not to be confused with the south wing which I've visited before, there's now an Anime Tourism Information spot so I went to have a look.

The spot is on the 2F of the north wing, on top of the arrivals floor of Terminal 2.

Closeup of the Anime Tourism Information spot.

And a look inside. There's no staff here, just various items on display so it should be open as long as the airport is open.

On one of the walls they had anime location information.

Map in the middle of the wall and flyers you could take.

Pictures of all the anime locations listed on the wall. Warning: These are extra large pictures to show more details.

On the other wall they had pictures of various anime locations, like Hanno here for Encouragement of Climb which I've visited before.

Chiba for Oreimo which I've also visited.

Yet another location I've visited before is Kanda Shrine for Love Live.

And finally a place I've not been, Yokosuka for High School Fleet.

They also had a stamp here with stamp sheets.

I tried the stamp.

Sword Art Online cardboard cutouts you could take pictures with.

They also had a poster for the Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online anime, the Sword Art Online spin-off.

Some gashapon machines.

Reverse view of the whole area from where the gashapon machines were located.

The final item they had here was a display cabinet with various anime goods.

Sword Art Online goods.

Love Live.


Yuri on Ice.

Lucky Star.

Love Live Sunshine.

Hatsune Miku x Osamu Tezuka.

Detective Conan.

Mr. Osomatsu.

Ultraman series.

Super Sonico and more Love Live Sunshine for some reason.

And finally Bungo Stray Dogs.

I also picked up one of the flyers they had. Warning: These are extra large pictures to show more details.

No location map since it's just Narita Airport.

This location was visited on 2018/05/17.

Anime Tourism 88 official website

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