Thursday, May 3, 2018

Robotics Notes - ED Locations

I also visited 2 locations in Tanegashima shown in the EDs of Robotics;Notes.

Image from Episode 1 - 22m09s

Purification font at Homan Shrine shown in the first ED.

Nothing else about the shrine is shown in the anime, but here's a picture of the main shrine building anyway.

Image from Episode 12 - 22m04s

This A-Coop supermarket is shown in the second ED.

Image from Episode 22 - 00m38s

Near the supermarket there's also a crossroad that got similar street name signs to one shown in the anime.

Image from Episode 22 - 00m45s

Closest matching building near the street name signs I could see at the crossroad. I've marked a path going from Homan Shrine, through the crossroad and ending up at the supermarket.

Location map:

These locations were visited on 2018/03/29.

Special thanks to the ones who went here before:

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