Monday, April 16, 2018

Puchiguru Love Live Café

While in Tokyo I found out about a Puchiguru Love Live Collabo Café at one of the Sega buildings in Akihabara, so I went to check it out.

Inside the café there were lots of decorations.

Both Love Live and Love Live Sunshine characters.

Love Live wall scrolls.

And a café wall scroll.

Lots of plushies.

They even had the new giant one that's 1 meter long.

Closer look.

Blackboard where fans can leave drawings and messages.

TV playing Puchiguru Love Live videos.

Posters including some for Izu Mito Sea Paradise in Numazu.

Some of the café tables were μ's decorated.

And others were Aqours decorated.

Café rules.

I just tried the Honoka themed orange juice drink while here. With the drink I also got a random coaster of Nico and a postcard not shown in this picture.

They also had a shop outside the café area.

Lots of various goods for sale.

All the random coasters you could get, signed wall scroll and various things not for sale.

More decorations and posters in the shop area.

They even had some posters in the elevator leading up to the café. The bottom poster explains how you could get a postcard if you first got something at the café and then afterwards used 500 yen on an UFO catcher.

On the UFO catcher floor they had this place where fans could leave notes.

Closeup of some of the notes.

I tried one of the UFO catchers, but I didn't win anything.

At least I got a postcard for trying. The top postcard is from the café and the bottom one is the one I got for spending 500 yen on the UFO catcher.

No location map since it's no longer there.

This location was visited on 2018/03/26.

Café official website

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