Monday, January 4, 2016

Snow Miku Sky Town

Since I was going to take a plane to Kyoto I checked out the Snow Miku Sky Town museum on the 4th floor of New Chitose Airport.

Huge banner showing where the Snow Miku Sky Town is.

The entrance to the area. Seating area to the right.

Closeup of the Snow Miku mural on the column.

On the other side of the same column you can see the other Piapro Vocaloids.

Decoration on a pillar.

The entrance to the museum, which is free to visit.

Information about Snow Miku.

Piapro character profiles.

And information about Hatsune Miku.

Lots of Snow Miku goods on display.

Snow Miku Nendoroids.

Room with a life size figure of Snow Miku and illustrations on the walls.

Closeup of the figure.

The color illustrations to the right of the figure.

And the shikishi autograph boards to the left.

More color illustrations.

There were also a shop area here.

Various gashapon machines.


Bags and calendars.

Trading cards.

Karuta cards.

Phone straps.

Cellphone covers.


Clear files.

Desk mats.

Glasses cases.


Wall scrolls.

Post cards.

Hand towels.

And snacks.

Posters advertising new goods.

Another whiteboard where you could leave messages and drawings, just like in the Mirai.St Café.

Closeup of some of the drawings.

They had a 360 degrees cinema where you could watch a Snow Miku music video. Didn't have enough time to check it out myself unfortunately.

At the airport they were also going to hold an animation festival. But it started the day after I left so I didn't get to check it out.

Here's a picture of the Snow Miku goods I bought on this trip.

Location map:

This location was visited on 2015/10/30.

Snow Miku Sky Town official website

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