Wednesday, January 13, 2016

K-On - Music Store

Another place I visited while in Kyoto was the music store where Yui bought her guitar in K-On. This is at the other end of the Shinkyogoku Shopping Street from the Animate Shop I visited earlier.

Image from S1E2 - 08m09s

Outside the music store.

Image from S1E2 - 08m36s

The K-On members looking at guitars.

Image from S1E2 - 09m00s

Yui spots Giita.

Inside the music store I also spotted this cardboard cutout of Kumiko Oumae.

Image from S1E11 - 10m12s

Back outside the store.

Image from S1E11 - 10m10s

Clock matches.

Image from S2E13 - 08m52s

Close to the guitar store is also this cinema that was seen in season 2.

Image from S2E13 - 10m28s

And a bit further away this little park area. I've marked the path from the music store to this place in the map below.

Location map:

These locations wese visited on 2015/11/05.

Music Store official website

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