Sunday, January 3, 2016

Evangelion Café

Another place I visited while in Sapporo was the Jiyū Kūkan Evangelion Café.

Outside the Urban Sapporo building where the café is located.

When you go in, it's easy to see which floor the café is on.

Menu and a screen showing an Evangelion trailer.

Rei banner.

There were lots of these posters here showing the inside of the café as well.

Outside the entrance to the place. Notice the big Eva-01 hands on the wall.

Closer look at the entrance. Jiyū Kūkan is a chain of manga cafés so they have all kinds of manga and games as well.

Right inside the place is this Eva-01 head.

So when combined with the hand decorations it looks like it's trying to break out of the place.

Cardboard cutouts of Asuka and Rei near the entrance and an event calendar.

Seating area inside the café.

They had these booths with golden couches.

Plastic chair seats.

And single seat sofas. Screens with Evangelion trailers running here as well.

Here's the menu with Evangelion food items.

Even had some breakfast and lunch items.

They had one of these SoftBank Pepper robots here as well. It greeted you if you walked up to it, and you could use the touch screen to hear about the menu.

It tried to maintain eye contact when you were close to it.

They also had life size figures of Kaworu.

And Rei. There were some Evangelion pachinko machines in a corner which you can also see in this picture.

Some jigsaw puzzles used for decorations.

And wall scrolls.

And this was yet another place with a guestbook.

Lots of drawings inside it. And there were also some artbooks you could look at.

Eva figure display.

And character figures as well.

They also had a gift shop here of course.

They sold everything from various food items.

To snacks.


Cell phone covers and some Blu-Rays in the upper right corner.

Clear files.

And manga.

I also saw this Mayoi Hachikuji that somebody on the staff had drawn on a blackboard here.

Location map:

This location was visited on 2015/10/27.

Jiyū Kūkan official website

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