Friday, January 15, 2016

Animate Nipponbashi - Non Non Biyori

While I visited Animate Nipponbashi I saw that they had moved the Non Non Biyori exhibition I also saw in Animate Akihabara here, so I took some pictures.

Outside the store they had this neat illustration with the mascots of Animate, C-labo, Melonbooks and Lashinbang which are all located in the building.

The Non Non Biyori bus stop setup inside the store.

They had Renge's teru teru bōzu costume here.

Renge's bike and cardboard cutouts of some of the characters.

The walls had images from the anime here too.

The Komari cardboard cutout was in a different place than the others. I also saw the Hotaru one, but it was in the area where you weren't allowed to take pictures.

Lots of goods for sale.

Renge towel hood.

For some reason you were allowed to take pictures of the keyframe drawings here.

So here's some closeups of the keyframe drawings.

Model sheets.

Manga covers and illustrations.

The noticeboard where you could hang notes.

Closeup of some of the notes.

A desk where you could write notes. There were also a folder with storyboards.

Some of the storyboards.

The same not for sale goods display here too.

I bought Renge and Gu phone straps and got another free postcard. In this picture is also some Renge pushies I won from an UFO catcher ^_^

No location map since it's no longer there.

This location was visited on 2015/11/06.

Non Non Biyori anime official website

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