Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Love Live Sunshine - Numazu City Culture Center

Numazu City Culture Center is shown in the first season of Love Live Sunshine. The closest bus stop is the Tokai bus Culture Center stop, but I just walked here from the location of Yoshiko's Apartment.

Image from S1E12 - 05m46s

Outside the Culture Center Aquors meet this girl.

Image from S1E12 - 05m50s

She's a fan of Kanan.

Image from S1E12 - 05m52s

And she wants her autograph. There were lots of people lining up here in real life for an Aquors stage event that was happening because of the Love Live Sunshine movie theatrical release.

Image from S1E12 - 05m56s

Chika then spots...

Image from S1E12 - 06m00s

More fans.

Image from S1E12 - 06m03s

Dia stops the one chasing after Ruby.

Image from S1E12 - 06m06s

And tells her she can take a picture with her instead.

Image from S1E12 - 06m11s

But she doesn't recognize Dia.

Image from S1E12 - 06m12s

Closeup of Chika.

Image from S1E11 - 18m23s

The main hall inside the Culture Center matches as well, but I did't go inside. I got this picture from the official website though.

Location map:

This location was visited on 2019/01/04.

Numazu City Culture Center official website

Special thanks to tyukyu2 who made this map:

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