Monday, March 4, 2019

Love Live Sunshine - Dipper Dan

Dipper Dan Numazu is shown in episode 3 of the second season of Love Live Sunshine, so I went to check it out.

Image from S2E3 - 09m07s

Dipper Dan Numazu is located inside the BiVi Numazu shopping mall just northeast of Numazu Station.

Image from S2E3 - 09m20s

If you look closely at this image you can see they had Love Live Sunshine info on the left here.

It showed that Dipper Dan was featured in the Love Live Sunshine Walker 2 location guide.

Image from S2E3 - 10m02s

The note on the pillar is the same. The other stores were already closed for the night when I visited.

Image from S2E3 - 10m18s

I tried one of the crepes here and the orange juice.

Inside the BiVi Numazu shopping mall they also had Love Live arcade games.

And a cinema. They were showing Love Live! Sunshine!! The School Idol Movie: Over the Rainbow here the day after I visited.

All the opening date showtimes were sold out.

In front of the north exit of Numazu Station near the shopping mall they also had this Love Live Sunshine decoration.

Although I didn't watch the movie while in Numazu, I did catch it when I got back to Tokyo in Cinema Sunshine Ikebukuro on opening night.

They had the same cardboard cutouts here.

Before the actual movie started there were this brief introduction with an unique picture you were allowed to photograph. Everybody had their phones and cameras ready here.

The first week it was this picture of Chika.

Earlier on I had also seen this ad for the movie while in Shinjuku.

Items I got when watching the movie. There's a mini clear file, coaster and the Aqours passport, which had codes for the mobile games, you got for free, a movie pamphlet and the special snack box you could buy, and the movie ticket itself.

Location map:

This location was visited on 2019/01/03. The Tokyo pictures are from 2018/12/25 and 2019/01/04.

Special thanks to the ones who went here before:

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