Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Sound! Euphonium - Nagoya Congress Center Revisit Inside

In addition to the outside of Nagoya Congress Center, I also checked out the insides.

Image from S2E12 - 11m25s

Nozomi inside the Congress Center on 1F.

Image from S2E12 - 11m28s

She's joined by Mizore here.

Image from S2E12 - 11m49s

This is the foyer of Century Hall on 2F. It's not allowed to go in here, but you can get this shot through the door.

Image from S2E12 - 12m27s

This is on 2F looking down at 1F.

Image from S2E12 - 12m31s

Kumiko wandering around looking for her big sister.

Image from S2E12 - 12m33s

But she can't find her.

Image from S2E12 - 20m59s

Kumiko runs looking for her big sister again later in the same episode.

Image from S2E12 - 21m06s

Back inside.

Image from S2E12 - 21m10s

This time...

Image from S2E12 - 21m11s

She spots her.

Image from S2E12 - 21m15s

Kumiko's big sister has exited through the main entrance. Some renovations were happening on the left here.

Image from S2E12 - 21m23s

Kumiko has followed her. The main entrance to the Congress Center is in the middle of the picture here.

Image from S2E12 - 21m31s

Kumiko tells her sister that she's the reason Kumiko loves the euphonium...

Image from S2E12 - 21m47s

And that she loves her.

Image from S2E12 - 21m52s

Kumiko's sister tells Kumiko that she loves her too.

Image from S2E12 - 22m00s

This shot seems impossible to get unless you have a drone or something, but you can see the walkway here.

Image from S2E12 - 22m04s

Shot towards the Congress Center from further down the walkway.

Image from S2E12 - 07m07s

Down the street from the walkway is this also this entrance to Hibino Station where Aoi arrives.

Image from S2E12 - 07m11s

Closeup of Aoi. I've marked a path from the walkway to this subway entrance in the map below.

Location map:

This location was visited on 2018/12/19.

Congress Center official website

Special thanks to the ones who went here before:

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