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Clannad After Story - Tomoya's Apartment

The location of Tomoya's apartment building from Clannad After Story is also in Osaka, close to Senriyama Station, so I went and had a look.

Image from Episode 10 - 15m25s

Image from Episode 14 - 02m13s

Image from Episode 19 - 09m57s

Image from Episode 21 - 09m01s

The building here is different in real life.

Image from Episode 21 - 08m41s

A lot of the other buildings around it still matches though.

Japanese Clannad After Story volume 6 DVD cover

This small bridge on the side of the apartment building was on the cover of the sixth DVD volume of the anime in Japan. The same image was also used as the menu image of the third Blu-Ray.

Image from Episode 01 - 22m15s

In the opposite direction there's this place that was shown in the ED.

Image from Episode 15 - 08m45s

Tomoya's apartment was on the second floor.

Image from Episode 12 - 16m01s

Second floor side of the building.

Image from Episode 21 - 09m09s

The stairs here are different.

Image from Episode 17 - 05m50s

The utility poles in front of the building seems to be the same though.

Image from Episode 20 - 21m10s

Tomoya running in front of the building.

Image from Episode 20 - 19m54s

Ushio walking down the street. The apartment building is on the left in the picture.

Image from Episode 20 - 19m55s

The parking lot that was here has been removed.

Image from Episode 20 - 19m58s

The overpass isn't shown in the anime.

Image from Episode 01 - 22m16s

Further down the street is this billboard that was shown in the OP. The street where the apartment building is located is on the left. If you go right here instead...

Image from Episode 19 - 09m56s

You'll get to this place where Tomoya and Ushio is seen walking in the anime.

Image from Episode 17 - 00m16s

Image from Episode 19 - 09m48s

Image from Episode 22 - 12m21s

This side street facing towards the buildings seen to the left in the previous picture is shown in several episodes.

Image from Episode 10 - 16m54s

Image from Episode 12 - 15m27s

To the east of the apartment building location is also this street that's shown several times in the show.

Image from Episode 12 - 15m41s

Reverse view. The buildings on the left still matches, but the ones on the right have changed.

Image from Episode 16 - 06m18s

The same street is also shown in a later episode. I've marked a path from the apartment location, past the billboard and the side street, ending up here in the map below.

Location map:

This location was visited on 2018/12/17.

Special thanks to the ones who went here before:

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