Friday, November 2, 2018

Aria - Ponte delle Guglie Bridge

Another bridge close to Venezia Santa Lucia Station shown in Aria is Ponte delle Guglie.

Image from Aria the Animation Episode 7 - 05m32s

Akira rowing the gondola under the bridge in the first season.

Image from Aria the Animation Episode 11 - 06m56s

Image from Aria the Animation Episode 11 - 06m47s

The same background is also used in a later episode, but this time it's Alicia rowing.

Image from Aria the Natural Episode 4 - 21m20s

The bridge is shown again in the second season.

Image from Aria the Origination Episode 1 - 09m02s

And in the third when Akari and Alicia is out shopping. As in the show they sold fresh fish by the bridge here.

Image from Aria the Origination Episode 1 - 08m58s

This boat didn't sell vegetables, but it was right next to the fishmonger so I took a picture. The boat where they sell vegetables is actually near the Rio de San Barnaba canal.

Image from Aria the Avvenire Episode 2 - 07m30s

Further east near another bridge called Ponte de l'Anconeta is this place. The sign above the doorway says Volto Santo instead of Volta Sanya in real life.

Around this area there's also a company called Row Venice that offers rowing lessons with undine* instructors!
*They're actually vogatrice in real life and not undine.

Which I tried myself. You spend half the lesson rowing in the front of the boat and the other half rowing like a gondolier in the back.

Image from Aria the Animation Episode 10 - 02m36s

While rowing I also spotted this place that looked like a location shown in the anime with the gondola only sign, which I later went back and took a picture of. I've marked a path from Ponte delle Guglie going to Volto Santo and ending up where I took this picture in the map below.

Location map:

This location was visited on 2018/10/13 and 2018/10/16.

Row Venice official website

Special thanks to the ones who went here before:

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