Saturday, May 3, 2014

Oreimo - Odaiba

In addition to the few times the characters in Oreimo visits Tokyo Big Sight for Comiket, there's also an episode in season 2 where they show some other famous places in Odaiba. I was already there so I decided to get some pictures of these places too.

Image from S2E10 - 07m32s

This is the Daikanransha ferris wheel.

During the night it lights up in various changing patterns.

Image from S2E10 - 07m36s

The back of Zepp Tokyo. Both this and the Daikanransha ferris wheel are a part of the Palette Town shopping complex.

Image from S2E10 - 07m38s

Guess this is where performers like ClariS enter the building. ^_^

Image from S2E10 - 08m44s

Image from S2E10 - 08m47s

And this is the front entrance where the audience enters.

Image from S2E10 - 08m50s

The Rainbow Bridge between the rest of Tokyo and Odaiba. As you can see it lights up at night. You can also see Tokyo Tower in the background in my picture.

No map since these are famous tourist attractions.

These locations were visited on 2014/04/16.

Daikanransha official website
Zepp Tokyo official website
Rainbow Bridge official website

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