Monday, February 18, 2019

Comiket 95

While in Tokyo I also checked out Comic Market 95.

I checked out all 3 days. On the first day I got up early.

And I got into the early lines in front of Tokyo Big Sight.

In these queues you could move around the area to get food and go to the toilet until 08:45.

And you were allowed to sit down as well while waiting.

Everybody got up around 9 and the lines started moving.

These lines are shown in several anime as well.

Inside this building are the west halls. In the west hall 1 and 2 on 1F they had circles selling doujins and in west hall 3 and 4 on 4F they had the bigger corporate booths.

I was going to the corporate booths on the first day so there were these stairs up to 4F to the right of the main entrance outside.

Everybody stood in line up here until 10:00 when they started letting people in.

The most popular corporate booths had separate lines going outside.

The Kyoto Animation one seemed to be the longest most of the time.

Display of all the Kyoto Animation items for sale.

These are the east halls. These had most of the circles selling doujins in east hall 1 to 6. There were also smaller corporate booths in east hall 7 and 8.

This is inside the east halls later in the day when it was less crowded. The whole place was full of people during most of the day with some areas so crowded it was difficult to move at all at times.

Huge ads were on display outside the halls, including this Uma Musume one.

A Nekopara TV anime was announced at Comiket with this huge ad.

On the second day I didn't have to get up as early to get in. I got this circle ticket thanks to AlphaProspector of Primum Soft.

I could just walk in at 08:00 through the main entrance.

Circle members walking to the east halls to set up their booths. Much less crowded.

Booths during the setup stage.

The Primum Soft booth I helped out setting up.

Each booth of course had it's own letter + number combination so it was easier to know where to go and where to set up.

Even before 10:00 when Comiket opened there were people inside lining up to get stuff. These were other people with circle tickets I guess?

The lines were broken up in several parts, each with a sign. Some of the most popular ones seemed to run out of official signs so they had to use hand written ones as well.

On the third day I used the normal lines to get in. These lines were in a huge parking lot east of the east halls.

It took some time to get in. I arrived at the line at around 09:40 and I was inside about 1 hour later.

I also saw cosplayers here of course. They had areas for cosplayers inside the Tokyo Big Sight area and I saw some in the parks near Yume-no-ohashi Bridge too.

I took pictures of some of the cosplayers, including this Rin from Love Live cosplayer.

Yumeko from Kakegurui.

Akira from Aria.

And Haruhi and Mikuru from Haruhi Suzumiya.

They also had official cosplayers at some of the corporate booths, including these SNK Heroines cosplayers.

Aoi from Encouragement of Climb at the 8-Bit booth.

I also saw this life size Kizuna AI figure.

Some of the things I got at Comiket, including anime pilgrimage books, keychains, music, shikishi sign boards and a shop flyer from the 8-Bit booth.

I also got some things from the Kyoto Animation booth, including a free Tsurune flyer and clear file, and Sound! Euphonium keychains and a big pin button. In this picture is also an Ayu from Kanon pin button I got from the KyoAni & Do Shop earlier on my trip.

No location map since it's no longer there.

This location was visited on 2018/12/29, 2018/12/30 and 2018/12/31.

Comiket official website

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