Sunday, June 3, 2018

Love Live School Idol Festival Café

The Puchiguru Love Live Collabo Café I went to last time I visited Akihabara had been turned into a Love Live School Idol Festival Café this time, so I went back to have another look.

They had changed the decorations inside the café of course.

Only Love Live Sunshine characters this time though.

First year character decorations.

Second year.

And the third years.

Wall scrolls.

No giant plushie this time.

They had these decorated tables instead.

And another noticeboard, this one with all the characters on it.

They still had the blackboard where fans could leave drawings and messages though.

Still a Puchiguru Love Live drawing up.

Some new posters, but Izu Mito Sea Paradise in Numazu ones just like last time as well.

TVs were playing Love Live School Idol Festival videos this time.

Cardboard cutouts of all the Aqours characters.

Café menu.

I got the Chika drink this time and it came with a You coaster.

I also tried the medley festival curry which came with another coaster.

Both new items and some Puchiguru Love Live goods still for sale in the shop outside the café.

More goods on display.

And decorations.

They also had these touch screen monitors set up where you could play Love Live School Idol Festival.

Ads in the stairs leading up to 7F where the café is located.

Here's a picture of all the coasters and cards I got for eating at the café.

Location map:

This location was visited on 2018/05/19.

Café official website

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