Saturday, March 4, 2017

Sword Art Online Café & Shop

While checking out the areas around Tokyo Skytree I stumbled upon a Sword Art Online Café & Shop, so I took some pictures.

The café and shop was here because of the upcoming movie of course.

Outside the café.

This was located on the 4th floor in the TV Station Official Shop Tree Village.

Lots of different food items for sale.

I tried Asuna's Sandwich and Asuna's Ragout Rabbit Stew since it was shown in the anime itself. The rabbit stew was made with beef instead of rabbit meat though.

In the nearby shop area they had lots of items for sale including t-shirts and sweaters.

Sleeping masks and clear files.

More clear files and keychains.

And various pin buttons and straps.

Various UFO catcher crane games prizes.

Some shikishi sign boards on the right and cardboard cutouts.

They had a lot of these cardboard cutouts around.

Cardboard cutout and Asuna costume.

And a Kirito cardboard cutout and costume.

Earlier on the same day I had also visited Nakau, where they had a Sword Art Online collaboration.

You got a random Sword Art Online card with every meal.

And they had Sword Art Online posters on the walls.

Another place I visited that had a collaboration was Sega Joypolis in Odaiba.

Same movie cardboard cutout that they also had at Tokyo Skytree.

Here at Joypolis you could get a fortune note with a Sword Art Online design and the Halfpipe attraction had been modified to have Sword Art Online music and character voices.

They also had a stage here.

Where they sometimes showed a Sword Art Online character introduction video.

They had various goods too of course, including cookies.

And clear files and pin buttons.

You could also get Sword Art Online Dippin' Dots floats.

I tried the Asuna one.

There were Sword Art Online related decorations and goods all over Akihabara as well, including the big ad on the Sega building to the left in this picture.

And I saw a Sword Art Online decorated Lawson store in Akihabara as well.

Here's the free goods I got with my food. On the top left is a sticker I got with the Dippin' Dots float, on the bottom left the card I got at Nakau and on the right two stickers I got with the food at the Sword Art Online Café at Tokyo Skytree.

No location map since it's no longer there.

These locations were visited on 2017/02/14 and 2017/02/17. The pictures from Akihabara are from 2017/02/18 and 2017/02/19.


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    1. Yeah, most of these shops and cafes are limited time ones.

  2. Do you know any SAO shops that are still open in December this year?

    1. Nah. I just stumble upon these cafes and such.

  3. How expensive are the things they sell?!

  4. asuna kirto i love him and love she