Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Gundam Game 30th Anniversary Exhibition

This time at Gundam Front Tokyo they had a Gundam Game 30th Anniversary Exhibition, so I got some pictures.

Outside the exhibition they had this Gundam statue.

And information about the exhibition.

Information about games for older computer systems.

From the Famicom/NES to the newest systems and handhelds they had games and consoles on display.

Some sprite drawings.

Information about some of the most famous games and their creators.

Various artwork.

Games with matching Gunpla.

Posters for some of the newest games.

Since this exhibition was inside Gundam Front Tokyo I also took some pictures of the newest Gunpla on display.

And some of the whole Gunpla display room.

Finally the last picture of the giant Gundam statue I got since it's later been removed.

No location map since it's no longer there.

These locations were visited on 2017/02/17.

DiverCity Tokyo Plaza official website
Gundam Front Tokyo official website
Gundam Game 30th Anniversary official website

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