Friday, October 26, 2018

Love Live Sunshine - Rome

In the promotional material released so far for the Love Live! Sunshine!! School Idol Movie: Over the Rainbow a few locations in Rome can be seen.

Key Visual 03

Chika in front of the Colosseum.

Key Visual 05

Kanan in front of the Trevi Fountain.

Key Visual 11

Ruby in front of the Mouth of Truth.

Key Visual 10

Mari in front of the Spanish Steps.

Image from PV1 - 00m01s

The Spanish Steps are also shown in the first PV for the movie.

Image from PV1 - 00m03s

Buildings on the side of the steps.

Image from PV1 - 00m06s

Image from PV1 - 00m07s

Behind Mari here is the Trinità dei Monti church at the top of the steps.

Image from PV1 - 00m13s

Full view of the steps.

Image from PV1 - 00m19s

More matching buildings in the background.

Image from PV1 - 00m22s

This is a Prada store across the street from the bottom of the steps.

Image from PV1 - 00m24s

Another view of the steps.

Image from PV1 - 00m26s

Some details are missing on the building on the right, but otherwise it seems to match.

Image from PV1 - 00m27s

View towards the bottom of the stairs. You can see the Prada store building in the middle right here.

Dengeki G's Magazine cover

The steps are also featured on the cover of this special Dengeki G's Magazine.

No map since these are famous tourist attractions.

These locations were visited on 2018/10/08, 2018/10/09 and 2018/10/10.

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