Sunday, June 7, 2015

Clannad After Story - Train Station

When Tomoya and Ushio goes on their trip in Clannad After Story the train station they visit is based on Mutsu-Yokohama Station in real-life. I decided to go check it out.

Image from Episode 18 - 07m00s

The platform at the station.

Image from Episode 22 - 13m31s

This station can also be seen in the last episode of the show.

Image from Episode 18 - 07m06s

Station entrance on the right.

Image from Episode 18 - 07m13s

View when you exit the station. If you look at the previous picture you can see that the covered up sign next to the house is still there too.

Image from Episode 18 - 07m22s

A bit further down the road.

Image from Episode 18 - 07m03s

Picture of the full station. There were some cars in the way, so I couldn't get the exact picture as in the show.

Image from Episode 22 - 14m08s

There's lots of rapeseed fields everywhere around this town.

Image from Episode 22 - 13m37s

Closeup of the rapeseed flowers.

Image from Episode 22 - 13m44s

If you take a long walk from the station you can get to this crossroad.

Image from Episode 22 - 13m48s

This sign is in the same place. I've marked that path from the train station to this place in the location map.

Image from Episode 22 - 13m28s

Back to the train station, and here's a picture of the train. It's green instead of yellow in real-life.

Image from Episode 18 - 21m40s

The seats inside the train itself.

Image from Episode 18 - 19m38s

And here's the view. Left before sunset though, since I had to go all the way back to Tokyo.

Location map:

This location was visited on 2015/05/11.

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