Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Love Live Sunshine - Yoshiko's Apartment Revisit

Since I were passing by I made another stop at Yoshiko's Apartment to get some shots I missed last time.

Image from S1E5 - 01m11s

It's the tallest building here.

Image from S1E5 - 19m54s

Image from S1E5 - 19m57s

Panning shot.

Image from S1E5 - 19m58s

Reverse view of Yoshiko.

Image from S1E5 - 20m19s

Image from S1E5 - 20m20s

Yoshiko runs away.

Image from S1E5 - 20m21s

Image from S1E5 - 20m22s

Continuing shots.

Image from S1E5 - 20m23s

Image from S1E5 - 20m24s

Chika runs after Yoshiko.

Image from S1E5 - 20m26s

The big Numazu Arcade Meitengai sign again. I got a shot in daylight here this time.

The store just below the sign in the previous picture had this Mari cardboard cutout stuck to the window.

Image from S2E5 - 06m57s

Back at Agetsuchi Asahi Inari Shrine near the apartment building.

Image from S2E5 - 07m01s

The small shrine doors were closed for the night the last time I visited, but I got these 2 pictures this time when they were opened.

Image from S2E5 - 08m57s

Another shot of Yoshiko and the dog as well.

While here I also saw a TV crew from Shizuoka Broadcasting System interviewing Love Live Sunshine fans, and I got interviewed as well.

Check the location map from my last visit.

This location was visited on 2019/01/04.

Special thanks to tyukyu2 who made this map:

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