Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Love Live Sunshine - Bungo-Mori Roundhouse

While traveling around Kyushu I visited the Bungo-Mori railway roundhouse which seems to have inspired the railway roundhouse seen in the Love Live Sunshine music video for Happy Party Train, the third Aquors single which can be watched here.

The closest train station is Bungo-Mori Station. It's currently a bit of a hassle to get here from the western parts of Kyushu because the train tracks have been damaged between Teruoka Station and Hita Station on the JR Kyūdai Main Line. There's a free shuttle bus running between the 2 station, but there's fewer trains running on the line because of the damage.

You can see the roundhouse from the Bungo-Mori Station platforms.

Image from Happy Party Train MV - 02m00s

No Aquors sign or wind turbines around the roundhouse in real life.

Image from Happy Party Train MV - 02m30s

Some of the windows are damaged, just like in the video.

Image from Happy Party Train MV - 03m09s

They also have this JNR Class 9600 steam locomotive here.

Image from Happy Party Train MV - 03m20s

It looks similar to the locomotive in the video.

Image from Happy Party Train MV - 05m37s

It's not exactly the same though. The whistles, steam dome and other stuff on top of the boiler are different.

At the roundhouse they also have this small museum.

They have some railroad items on display like these conductor hats.

And they have lots of Love Live Sunshine goods left here by fans.

Including Happy Party Train goods.

And this signed Happy Party Train poster.

They also had a rest area inside the museum.

Where they had this signed Galaxy Express 999 art.

Art of JR Kyushu trains.

And various picture books and train magazines you could check out.

They also had guestbooks here.

Lots of Love Live Sunshine fans had signed.

Drawings too.

I signed it as well of course.

Various Bungo-Mori roundhouse goods for sale.

They also had some miniature trains.

Which you could pay to ride.

Location map:

This location was visited on 2018/04/01.

Museum official website

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