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Your Name - Other Hida Furukawa Locations

In addition to Hida-Furukawa Station, there's also a few other locations in Hida Furukawa that is shown in Your Name.

Image from Your Name - 47m52s

This is the stairs up to Keta Wakamiya Shrine. It doesn't exactly match the movie, but this is supposedly the place.

The lantern to the left and the sign in the middle here are also similar to the ones in the anime shot above. They're in a slightly different location near the stairs though.

Image from Your Name - 29m53s

Shrine torii gate. This is not the one shown in the movie though.

Your Name poster and location map. The map shows the location of a shrine with red torii gates, but it's supposedly not a 100% match to the movie either, so I didn't go there.

Image from Your Name - 48m04s

Another location in Hida Furukawa is this souvenir shop / restaurant called Ajidokoro Furukawa.

Image from Your Name - 48m08s

The surroundings doesn't match at all.

Image from Your Name - 48m10s

The front of the building is different as well.

The windows on the side of the building matches slightly more though.

What they do have here that matches is the gohei mochi that Okudera and Tsukasa eats.

I also tried the Hida Furukawa at this place.

Outside they also had Your Name posters.

And they also offered special Your Name tourist discounts.

You could get these You Name tourist discounts if you signed a guestbook inside.

The guestbook.

With lots of signatures.

I signed it as well of course.

They also sold Your Name souvenirs.

Lots of candy and cookies.

More cookies and snacks.

Image from Your Name - 36m37s

They also sold sake in the same kind of bottle as shown in Your Name.

Close to Ajidokoro Furukawa there's this tourist information office as well.

They had a Your Name poster inside.

A magazine with a Your Name location map.

And free Your Name tourist maps.

The front and back of the free map.

And inside.

They also sold goods of the mascot from inside the Hida-Furukawa Station and Your Name bags.

And a map showing where tourists were from.

A separate map for Japan.

Image from Your Name - 16m42s

Another bottle of sake in the tourist information office. It's not kuchikamizake in real life though, but it's been blessed by priests at Keta Wakamiya Shrine.

Image from Your Name - 51m41s

The last Your Name location I visited while in Hida Furukawa was the library. The building seems to have been flipped and changed slightly in the movie.

Image from Your Name - 51m58s

The insides matches, but there were lots of people there so I only got this one shot. I've marked a path from Ajidokoro Furukawa via this library to Keta Wakamiya Shrine in the map below.

While walking around town I also saw a electronics store that sold Your Name goods including the movie on BD, home planetarium and even the Your Name cup noodle ramen.

So I bought some of the cup noodle ramen. I also got a Your Name bag for free since I bought the ramen.

Image from Your Name - 29m53s

This is supposed to be the Takayama ramen they eat at a restaurant in the movie.

Image from Your Name - 08m40s

When you open the lid it has the "Who are you?" message.

Image from Your Name - 48m39s

The finished ramen. Not exactly the same, but it was still good.

Location map:

This location was visited on 2017/11/04.

Ajidokoro Furukawa official website
Hida library official website
Hida tourism official website

Special thanks to the ones who went here before:君の名は。archives/cat_1237325.html

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