Saturday, January 13, 2018

Love Live Sunshine - Mito Beach

Close to Izu Mito Sea Paradise, there's also Mito Beach that's shown in Love Live Sunshine.

Image from S1E2 - 09m31s

The beach is not as clean as in the anime.

Image from S1E2 - 10m06s

It seems the beach season is only during July and August though.

Image from S1E2 - 11m29s

Chika and Riko holding hands on the beach.

Image from S1E2 - 23m27s

On days with clear skies you can see Mt. Fuji, just like in the S1 ED. Could only see the outline of it when I visited though.

Image from S1E6 - 06m22s

The first and second years on the beach after training.

Image from S1E6 - 19m08s

People gathering to clean up the beach.

Image from S1E6 - 19m40s

Including the Aqours members.

Image from S1E6 - 19m46s

Somebody had written Aqours on the beach in real life.

Image from S1E6 - 21m31s

Hopefully somebody cleans up the beach before the summer in real life as well.

Image from S1E8 - 20m21s

Riko hugs Chika after she's jumped in the water.

Image from S1E8 - 20m56s

The other first and second years show up.

Image from S1E8 - 20m59s


Image from S1E9 - 05m04s

Everybody tries to find out how to find out more about when the third years were trying to be idols before.

Image from S1E9 - 05m29s

They ask Ruby if Dia has told her anything.

Image from S1E9 - 05m40s

Yoshiko stops Ruby from running away.

Image from S1E10 - 06m55s

No food stalls on the beach when I was here.

Image from S1E10 - 06m59s

Nor anybody sunbathing.

Image from S1E10 - 15m56s

You can see Izu Mito Sea Paradise in the background on the left here.

Image from S1E13 - 08m43s

Chika's sisters and Shiitake in the last episode of the first season.

Image from S1E13 - 08m44s

Reverse angle.

Image from S2E1 - 17m01s

The 2 buildings on the left are further apart in real life.

Image from S2E1 - 17m10s

Chika sitting on the beach.

Image from S2E1 - 17m13s

The building in the background here is a hotel.

Image from S2E1 - 18m06s

Riko sits down as well.

Image from S2E1 - 23m18s

The whole group as shown in the S2 ED.

Image from S2E1 - 23m27s

Aqours written on the beach in the S2 ED as well.

Image from S2E6 - 14m51s

Chika training on the beach.

Image from S2E6 - 15m18s

Trying to learn the special routine Kanan developed in the past.

Image from S2E13 - 00m06s

It's the same pier that Riko tries jumping off in the very first episode in the background here of course.

Image from S2E13 - 00m14s

Chika's house in the background here.

Location map:

This location was visited on 2017/11/07.

Special thanks to tyukyu2 who made this map:

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