Thursday, May 4, 2017

K-On - Camden Town

Camden Town is another location in London seen in the K-On movie.

Image from K-On movie - 48m31s

The girls arrive at Camden Town Station from Aldgate East Station. I had to stand inside a subway car to get this shot.

Image from K-On movie - 48m39s

Outside the station. There were tons of people here.

Image from K-On movie - 48m37s

Across the street from the station.

Image from K-On movie - 48m41s

Yui marveling at the sight.

Image from K-On movie - 48m51s

This sign is at The Camden Market which is called Union Street Market on Google maps for some reason.

Image from K-On movie - 49m01s

This market is where they get new shoes for Azusa.

Image from K-On movie - 49m10s

The buildings across the street from the market are the same, but the plane on the blue one is gone.

Image from K-On movie - 49m18s

Felt even more crowded than Tokyo here.

Image from K-On movie - 54m50s

The entrance to the sushi place where they mistakenly perform is based on the Proud Camden bar and music venue entrance, which has been changed slightly since the movie.

Image from K-On movie - 55m46s

They got mistaken for Love Crysis which they bump into outside afterwards.

Image from K-On movie - 56m01s

Ho-kago Tea Time and Love Crysis first met each other in the Live House OVA for season 1 of K-On.

The overhead lights weren't up near Proud Camden, but I found some others nearby.

Image from K-On movie - 56m13s

Yui explains what happened while crying. I've marked the path from Camden Town Station to Proud Camden in the map below.

Location map:

This location was visited on 2017/04/15.

Special thanks to the ones who went here before:

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