Saturday, May 3, 2014

Tokyo Big Sight

Since I already was in Odaiba to check out Gundam Front Tokyo I also went and took a few pictures of the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition and convention center. This is the location where the Comiket and Anime Japan events are held. It's also featured in some anime series so I included some shots from a few I've seen.

Image from Oreimo S1E4 - 22m01s

Image from YuruYuri S1E5 - 01m20s

Image from Steins;Gate Episode 21 - 03m10s

Closeup of the place.

Image from Lucky Star Episode 12 - 04m07s

A bit further away. You can now see the structure in front of the building that was also shown in Lucky Star.

Image from YuruYuri S2E6 - 07m04s

Image from Oreimo S2E5 - 18m34s

Even further away. Under the covered walkway on the left side of this picture there were anime ads, so I got pictures of some of those as well.

K-On! 5th Anniversary Blu-Ray Box and The Idolm@ster Movie.

Magical Warfare BD & DVD and Sakura Trick.

Blade & Soul and Infinite Stratos 2 BD & DVD.

No map since this is a famous landmark.

This location was visited on 2014/04/16.

Tokyo Big Sight official website
Comiket official website
Anime Japan official website

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