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Kinmoza! - Bibury

After renting a car in Chippenham, I went on to the village of Bibury that's seen in Kiniro Mosaic.

Image from S1E1 - 02m44s

Shinobu arrives. This is along the main road that goes through Bibury.

Image from S2E12 - 08m47s

The house where Alice lives is actually not located here, but in another place.

Image from S1E1 - 02m47s

These houses next to it are the same though.

Image from S1E1 - 02m53s

Shinobu looks towards the cottages of Arlington Row.

Image from S1E1 - 05m57s

Later in the same episode we see Alice and Karen walking through Arlington Row.

Image from S1E1 - 06m07s

Reverse view.

Image from S1E1 - 10m28s

Shinobu and Alice walking together outside Bibury Trout Farm.

Image from S1E1 - 10m32s

And then they go to the ice cream stall inside the trout farm.

Image from S1E1 - 10m34s

This is the pedestrian bridge leading to Arlington Row from the main road that goes through Bibury.

Image from S1E1 - 10m37s

Bibury Court where Karen is living in the show.

Image from S1E4 - 09m01s

The same building from another episode. This used to be a hotel, but it's now been sold off and used as a private residence, so you can't go in and get pictures any more.

Image from S1E1 - 13m58s

Shinobu leaving the homestay shouting hello.

Image from S1E1 - 14m08s

And Alice shouting konnichiwa back.

Image from S1E2 - 21m33s

This red telephone box in Bibury can be seen in the first ED.

Image from S1E12 - 22m51s

Bibury post office.

Image from S1E12 - 22m44s

The post office sign got an even simpler design in real life.

Image from S2E7 - 17m22s

In episode 7 of the second season (Hello!! Kin-iro Mosaic), Alice goes looking for Karen. I've marked a path, which goes past most locations except Bibury Court, from this place to the red telephone box from the ED in the map below.

Image from S2E7 - 17m27s

And she passes through various places in Bibury. The trout farm sign was missing when I was here.

Image from S2E7 - 17m27s

This fence in front of the bridge is similar.

I couldn't get everything from the anime shot above in the same photo, so here's the rest of it.

Image from S2E7 - 17m33s

Alice spots a cat that got Karen's shoe.

Image from S2E7 - 17m42s

The building on the right is the same.

Image from S2E7 - 17m44s

View of the river behind Alice. After this, when it cuts to Karen, it shows a bridge that's in Bathampton and not in Bibury.

Image from S2E7 - 20m09s

After Alice finds and rescues Karen, it cuts back to Arlington Row though.

Image from S2E7 - 20m10s

The same shot of Arlington Row as the very first one above.

Location map:

This location was visited on 2017/04/13.

Special thanks to the ones who went here before:

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